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Purveyors of the moments where your wedding feels perfectly, effortlessly, you.

"The best choice you can make when planning your wedding is to hire Blue Thistle Productions."



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the art of
self expression

I founded Blue Thistle Productions with the belief that weddings should not be a checklist of have and have nots, but instead be an opportunity to tell a couple’s unique story and share it with family and friends. Every aspect, big or small, should feel personal to you. I believe that weddings should be as formal and traditional, or informal and unique, as you want. There is no wrong or right way; this is your weekend and it should feel 100% like you!


What has always drawn me to events is the excitement that surrounds event days, the fast paced nature of the business, and the endless opportunities for creativity in both design and problem solving. I love getting to know my clients at a personal level throughout the planning process, and I feel honored that my job allows me to form lasting connections with my clients. Pick up the phone, shoot me an email, or fill out the online form. I can’t wait to talk all things weddings with you!

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